This section of the website features nudity, girls tied up and girl on girl action while they are tied up.  If you are a minor or this type of material is not allowed on your jurisdiction please do not enter.




Here is my collection of art, inspired in the comics works of artists such as John Willie, Jim, Guido Crepax and Eric Stanton.  if you are looking for drawings of women tortured and beaten within an inch of their lives, well, you are in the wrong place. I want to thank Roberto for his scanning help and Fernando, Kenny and Dianne for their friendship and unconditional support. Thank you Pablo, your ideas inspired me and your observations made me a better storyteller. Kit, thanks for being such a fan of my work.  My thanks also go to Reby for her encouragement, love and inspiration and to Queospera who made this possible.  This page would not exist without the space provided by Gambit! Special thanks go to:  To John Willie for showing everyone of us the way and Eric Stanton for his advice, art and generosity. Muchas gracias a todos! (That means thanks to all!)If you want to know more about my art, check out the interviews in the website.